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The Nokia 5310 XpressMusic has been crafted with media in mind, from its diamond-cut music keys framing a sharp 2-inch display to its dedicated audio chip, high-quality stereo headset and 2GB memory card. Aluminium side panels and a slim (9.9mm) design earn style points but it’s just as smart on the inside, with a host of Java apps and games pre-loaded and the ability to download more via the Ovi Store. Sharing moments with your friends and family just got easier, too, thanks to a sharp 2MP camera and Nokia Xpress audio messaging to send recorded clips to compatible handsets. And don’t forget the massive 20 hours of audio playback from a single charge of the 5310 XpressMusic’s battery.

They say

“The 5310 XpressMusic is far better than most other so-called music phones on the market, and includes many features that should set the standard”

Philip Berne, InfoSync

If you only do one thing

Splash out on a 4GB microSD memory card and gorge yourself on an alphabet soup of media formats, from vanilla MP3s to full-fat eAAC+ and WMA files. The 5310 XpressMusic supports playlists and album art to help you navigate your collection with ease. It has stereo Bluetooth, too.


Java unjumbled

Many people get confused between Java the programming language and Java the Indonesian island. Here are five easy ways to tell them apart:

  • Does your Java have a mascot of an upside-down tooth called Duke (the language) or a mythical golden bird called Garuda (the island)?


  • If your Java is the most populous island in the world, you are unlikely to be able to download RSS readers and battery screensavers for it at the Ovi Store.


  • Do not try to distinguish between Javas using geography. Despite the title of the 1969 disaster film, Krakatoa: East of Java, the giant volcano is actually located west of the Indonesian capital.


  • Similarly, mottos can be confusing. Is “Robust and secure” really more descriptive of a object-oriented language than Indonesia’s “Unity in diversity”?


  • You will never be asked for your passport when visiting a Java application on the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic.