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You can tell you’re getting old when even mobile phones start looking young. The stylish Nokia 5730 XpressMusic explodes on to the scene with everything the young at heart could want – music, messaging, more music and even more messaging. This 3G slider phone is a fully-featured audio powerhouse, thanks to built-in stereo speakers, a 3.5mm headphone jack, an 8GB microSD card with over-the-air downloads via Comes With Music and the Nokia Music Store. The 2.4-inch stretch display has a party-sized home screen with quick links to favourite contacts, social networks and photo sharing websites such as Ovi Share. Then bust that slider open to morph the 5730 XpressMusic instantly into a finger-tapping communications hub, with a full Qwerty keyboard accessing video calls, VOIP, email, text and Ovi Contacts & Calendar. Naturally, it’s a high-speed web browser, too, ripping through multimedia destinations like YouTube, Flickr and Vox and using its accurate GPS receiver to deliver pin-point location based services. Not tired yet? Wear yourself out with some top-notch 3D N-Gage social gaming action.

They say

“Nokia threw out the cookie cutter when creating the new Nokia 5730 XpressMusic”

Mike Cooper, Nokia Conversations

If you only do one thing

Road test the loudest, smartest mobile music player on the planet with up to 25 hours of sensational sonics from a single charge of the battery. Dedicated Touch Music hot keys and the voice recognizing Say and Play on the 5730 XpressMusic let you direct the flow of tunes without even looking.


Youth and music go together like 3 and G. Here’s the historical evidence:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Musical prodigy who composed his first pieces, Andante (K. 1a) and Allegro in C (K. 1b), at the tender age of five – although not Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star as many people believe.

Michael Jackson
The King of Pop took over as lead singer for the Jackson 5 when he was just eight years old. Motown Records’ publicity team subsequently knocked two years off his real age to make him look cuter.

Musical Youth
One-hit wonders out of Duddeston Manor School in Birmingham, these child stars passed the Dutchie ’pon the left side then faded from view before reforming for a nostalgia tour in 2003.

Icelandic pop pixie who started studying classical music at five and released her first album when just 11 – a full 16 years before her album ‘Debut’.