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Look up ‘all-rounder’ in a dictionary of technology, and the N95 8GB will be staring right back at you (or at least it should be). This two-way sliding multimedia handset masters mobile audio, video, Internet, gaming and high-speed 3G communication. Its centrepiece is a luminous 2.8-inch display (a touch larger than that of it’s older sibling), from which you can browse its 8GB of storage – room enough for 20 hours of video or over 6000 songs downloaded from the Nokia Music Store. The N95 8GB is also the perfect travel companion, equipped with A-GPS and Maps savvy to keep you on track. Couple that with its pin-sharp 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, and you can geotag and share top quality shots at speed over the air with Wi-Fi and HSDPA giving you the flexibility to venture online wherever you find yourself, simultaneously letting you keep up with your email or surf the web. Throw VGA video recording, stereo Bluetooth playback, S60 applications and stunning N-Gage gaming into the mix, and N95 8GB stands out as one of the most versatile milestone devices in Nseries history.

What they say

“The larger screen, 8GB on-board memory and black casing are so seductive, we were sad to see the N95 8GB go back to Nokia.”

Andrew Lim, Cnet

If you only do one thing

Exploit the N95 8GB’s superb GPS skills, and download the latest version of Ovi Maps for mobile – it’s dead simple to set up and will enable you to tap into loads of useful info related to your current location. Plus, of course, it’ll ensure you always know where you are and will help you get where you need to be quickly and easily.


Sliding isn’t just a neat way to get at the N95 8GB’s dedicated media controls, it’s also the triumph of human ingenuity over friction. Slip these sliding facts into your brain:

An Olympic sport since 2002, the skeleton is a stripped-down toboggan that is forbidden to contain any steering or braking mechanisms. Riders reach speeds of 130kmh and experience accelerations of up to 5G.

The longest water slide in the world is the Black Hole at the Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg water park in Austria. It is 211 metres long, including a 6 metre free-fall section, and has light and sound effects.

Slide rules, used to calculate logarithms, roots and powers by hand, were carried on five Apollo space missions, including the 1969 moon landing.