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May 15, 2009

Betalabs goes mobile

ESPOO, Finland – Nokia Betalabs, the virtual incubation room where new applications hang out to get tested and improved before official release, has had a makeover. The site plays host to a substantial community of Nokia users who use it to find and download new applications, released in beta mode, before feeding back comments and suggestions. Initial reaction to the refresh is very positive, but the biggest boost comes in the form of a mobile version of Betalabs (much like our own mobile version of Conversations – have you seen it?).

What’s more, the site now ties up with Nokia accounts, so your login for Nokia or Ovi will work on Betalabs now as well. This makes it much easier for users to leave feedback, or if they haven’t already registered for one, set up a Nokia account.

On the mobile version users can search and download the latest apps (or older ones from the archive), read the blog and leave posts in the forum.

If you haven’t already, check out Betalabs at