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GLOBAL – The Nokia 2730 classic is the new entry level 3G phone sporting some killer looks and great features. With a 2-inch QVGA display, 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth and Stereo FM radio, the device will be well equipped to handle anything thrown at it, and with 3G connectivity on board, it’ll make for a handy door to the Internet, too.

The design is simply stunning, and with sleek curved corners looks likely to sit well in the hand. This device is very much about bringing a better experience to emerging markets, where many people will be first experiencing the Internet. The device’s screen and connectivity will certainly help bring that to life.

In brief

  • Ovi Mail lets you peep your emails even quicker
  • On board you’ll find Bluetooth and a stereo FM radio
  • A 3G phone for emerging markets, the 2730 has a 17 day standby time

Like the 2720, the 2730 sports Nokia Life Tools (in selected markets) and Ovi Mail for quick and easy email. The phonebook too, is quite innovative, sporting enough slots for 1,000 numbers. Even the most popular exec would be hard pressed to fill that up, but where this device will no doubt be shared amongst many in countries where phone-sharing is the norm, it’ll prove itself very useful. The long battery time, too, will be a useful addition to a 3G device in emerging markets. Up to 17 days standby and 3.3 hours talk-time (WCDMA) will help keep charges to a minimum. The Nokia 2730 classic goes on sale in the third quarter and is expected to cost about €80 before taxes and subsidies.

It’s hard to believe, sometimes, that we’ve come so far in such a short period of time. It was only a few years ago that a device like this would be considered seriously high end, and only for those who were desperate for the latest tech. Here we are today and it’s entry level, offering Internet access to a much wider audience. That’s progress.