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May 20, 2009

Nokia Hackathon video diary (bleary eyes, loud snores and killer widgets)

MONACO, Monte Carlo – Creating a world-class widget is tough at the best of times, never mind trying to develop a brilliant bite-size app against the clock within a 24-hour timeframe. But that’s exactly what happened last month at the Calling All Innovators Hackathon, which saw 10 small teams of developers go head-to-head and test their skills to the limit to create a winning app. Each team was tasked with building a different widget based on 10 original ideas created by consumers.

The results were fantastic, and the 24-hour event has been compressed into a great little 3-minute video diary that features bleary-eyed developers coding like crazy (and occasionally snoring very loudly) to create a winning service. It’s definitely worth a watch, so click through to watch the Hackathon video diary.

Click here to find out more about the finalists and the winning entry.