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GLOBAL – Today is one of those monolithic milestones for Nokia and the advancement of mobiles, as Ovi Store has officially gone live. It’s a moment that many believe (including all of us here on Conversations) is set to spark a rapid evolution in the way we all use our mobile devices – exploring the depths of what your device is capable will be far easier with Ovi Store now primed to be the one-stop hub to let you soak up bite-size bits of free and paid-for content and apps.

Read on for more details about Ovi Store and find out how to access it on your Nokia phone today.

How to get Ovi store on your Nokia phone today
You can download the Ovi Store mobile app by simply selecting the Ovi Store icon in the Download folder on your device. Or you can get to the Ovi Store by simply visiting on your phone.

There is a mountain of mobile content already available for you to download to your phone, enabling you to flesh out your handset with new talents, ranging from innovative new location-based services to podcasts, videos, games, and heaps more.

More than 50 Nokia devices are compatible with the service from day one, with stacks more slated to roll out over time – Nokia estimates that around 50 million people with Nokia devices will be able to benefit from Ovi Store right now.

Here’s what Tero Ojanperä, Executive Vice President, Nokia Services, had to say about Ovi Store going live today:

“Ovi Store is open for business and we’ve stocked the shelves with both local and global content for a broad range of Nokia devices. Ovi Store makes shopping for content and applications easy and fun for feature phone and smartphone owners alike.”

This is a landmark moment in the evolution of mobile services, so make sure you go and explore the new Ovi Store on your Nokia device, and let us know what you think. Let us know what apps you’re downloading, highlight any hidden gems and share your experience with the Ovi Store with us here on Conversations – we’d love to know what your reckon to it.

There’s loads of free stuff to get you started, so try it out and share your thoughts in the comments section below.