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GLOBAL – Last week saw the unveiling of the rather svelte new Nokia 6730 classic. The latest Nokia mid-range handset to bear testament to the accelerated trickle-down tech effect, the mid-range 6730 classic is a feature-packed phone that is being released later this year exclusively through Vodafone.

Read on to find out more about the Nokia’s newest classic to join the fold, find out when it’s slated to ship and for how much.

Inked in the diary to start shipping in the third quarter, the new Nokia 6730 will go on sale for around 195 Euros.

Satnav savvy the 6730 classic comes with turn-by-turn GPS navigation talents for both in-car and on-foot use. Here’s what Gustavo Eichelmann, Head of Vodafone Global Account Team at Nokia had to say about the newest addition to the classic collection:

“’Feature packed’ describes Nokia 6730 classic really well. With its iconic design – available in sleek black or white – the device is a perfect upgrade for Nokia 6500c or 6300 users or anyone seeking an elegant device, optimized for mobile internet and navigation. What’s more, this mobile comes with industry-leading power-saving features and accessories”

Peter Becker-Pennrich, Director of Terminals Marketing at Vodafone had this to say:

“The Nokia 6730 is a great all-round handset – just as perfect for mobile internet users as for music fans who want to take their tracks with them.”

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