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June 1, 2009

What’s in the parcel? A surprise, of course!

GLOBAL – Did you ever play one of those parlor games where players pass around a parcel, unwrapping one layer at a time, until the prize is revealed? Well, there’s so much happening this June (geez, like what?) that we wanted to have some fun, too.

We’ve started a Pass the Parcel game here on Nokia Conversations (link below). And some lucky person is going to be win a nifty prize (what could it be, what could it be?). It’s a bit hard to pass a parcel every day around the globe, so we decided to do this online.

Read on to see how we’re going to do this.

The set up
We’ve asked a bunch of folks to join in the fun. Each day, someone will be randomly chosen as the one “unwrapping” one layer of the parcel, with a video showing the unwrapping. At the end, when the last layer is removed, the person of that day will win the prize.

There’s more to it, but we don’t want to give it away right now. But all you need to know is that there is indeed something interesting at the heart of the parcel and that the final layer will be revealed sometime in June.

We set up a page to follow all this:, with a list of the player names as the game progresses. You’ll also be able to see the previous videos as well.

So, let the game begin! And keep coming back everyday to see if the prize has been revealed.