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June 3, 2009

Are you a budding filmmaker?

GLOBAL – This month sees the finale of a new competition for budding filmmakers where three lucky finalists will compete to appear on the main stage at the Cannes Lions 2009 Advertising Festival on June 26. The competition, dubbed “You to the power of 12 – U12” and run by MOFILM is backed by 12 global brands, including Nokia. Each brand has set out a brief for filmmakers (Nokia’s centers around Connecting People) to work to and the closing date for entries is next Monday, June 8. The winning Nokia entry will have the added bonus of having their work pre-loaded on all the new handsets within the UK market.

Spike Lee, who’s no stranger to mobile film and helping aspiring filmmakers, will be hosting the competition at the film festival. He said

“Giving aspiring creative individuals this type of opportunity to tell their story truly resonates with me. It’s such a unique collaboration of your everyday consumer along with major worldwide brands and focuses purely around what the individual would like to celebrate about these brands.”

The competition is open now and entrants should visit the MOFILM website to find out more. You can also check out the Nokia page where you’ll find this brand brief:

“Nokia Connecting people is our brand promise. Nokia’s whole business is built around connecting people in new and better ways. Connecting means something different to everyone. People connect through music, through film through experiences. Two people connect, small groups of school friends  connect, whole countries connect. People connect through digital social networks, through face to face meetings…our whole lives are about connecting in some form or other. Nokia can facilitate all of this. Show us what connecting people means in 2009.”

Video is limited to three minutes and there is a range of assets available from the Nokia page on MOFILM including logos and audio packs.

Budding filmmakers better get a move on though, as entries must be submitted by next Monday (June 8), so if you haven’t already, there’s still time to have an idea, write a script, organise a crew, cast some friends as actors, have a tantrum, shoot some video, panic, edit it, add some nice music, and perhaps some logos and submit your entry. If you get through all that, you’ll be doing well!

We’re hoping to get hold of some of the winning entries so hopefully we’ll be showing off some of the winning videos when the time comes. For now though, that’s a wrap!