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June 4, 2009

The N97 IS a mobile computer

GLOBAL – First let’s look at the facts. 32GB of storage (expandable), 3.5-inch screen, qwerty keyboard and all the connectivity you could want. That’s not to mention the stuff we wouldn’t normally associate with a laptop or netbook, such as GPS and a camera. Oh. and it can make calls too. So, having established it’s credentials, most already well known, why cover old ground? Well, we’ve just got our hands on a couple to play with and I have to say, the device is probably more than I was expecting.

It looks and feels better than I remember (go for the white, if you’re planning to get one). I’m still exploring, as is Mike, but this morning, the device was just taunting me to do an experiment. During the test, conducted in my garden and living room, my little girl came over to find out whether or not I was working. When I told her that despite my laid back posture I was in fact working she took one look at the N97 and asked “is that you’re little computer?”. I told her it was and before running off she remarked on how small it was – “it’s teeny weeny isn’t it”. To many of us, the N97 is another flagship Nokia. That inherently implies that it’s a phone. To a four year old digital native, it’s a computer.

Now, having written this entire post on the N97 i’m fully inclined to agree. That was my experiment. No, it wasn’t as easy as using my desktop, but then my desktop wouldn’t have been able to take the photo of the flowers in my garden. I think the N97 might just have changed my life. How do you think it might change yours?