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June 9, 2009

Nokia Spain gets a Golden Medal from the Spanish Red Cross

MADRID, Spain – The Spanish Red Cross awarded a Golden Medal to Nokia Spain for Nokia’s long-term commitment to guaranteeing young immigrant’s rights and helping these immigrants gain skills to successfully integrate into Spanish society.

The Royal Family hosted an awards event during the Worldwide Red Cross Day in Mérida, in May. Marieta del Rivero, the former Nokia Spain General Manager who oversaw the project and, Alberto Matrone, the current Nokia Spain General Manager were there to receive the award.

Read on more to learn about this project.

The Cruz Roja-Nokia (CRoNO) project provides social and educational coaching for children and adolescents linked to the immigration processes in Madrid, Lanzarote, and Guipúzcoa.

A main achievement was being able to define a model of social integration for boys and girls that could be transferred and replicated. Intervention methodologies were adapted to each specific social and cultural context of the territory where the project was being developed, always taking into account a strategy based on educational coaching and the consolidation of emotional ties. Furthermore, it was also important to keep the solid ties that had been established between the kids and volunteers, educators and other key figures in the community, as well as the networking with other organizations working with underage immigrants.

CRoNO was a 3 year project that started in 2006 and, thanks to Nokia’s Community Involvement Team, will be extended in July for another 3 years (also adding one more city: Cádiz).

We salute the Nokia teams in Spain who have made this happen and wish them more success in the next 3 years of this project.

Solange Cummins Nogueira, Nokia Spain, contributed to this article

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