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June 11, 2009

Touring with the Nokia N86 in Helsinki

HELSINKI, Finland – Yesterday, the Nokia N86 8MP officially started selling in shops around the globe. To mark the occasion (and to take advantage of the great weather), I went into Helsinki to take some videos and photos with my brand-spanking-new N86.

As an aside, I was a big fan of the Nokia N85. The N86 is similar, but has a ton of new tweaks, including a super eight megapixel camera, so it instantly became my new favorite (we wrote about it back in February).

In any case, decide for yourself. I took some photos and posted them below for you to check out. Just remember, I’m no pro photographer (or videographer) so take that into account when you comment on the quality of the photos (in other words, be nice).

Video: The Nokia N86 takes a tour of Helsinki

Photos from the tour