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GLOBAL – The Nokia 6700 was born out of the success of the 6300, both in terms of what it has sold and how the device was received. That’s what Nokia design director, Mark Delaney, tells us in what is a fantastic insight into how the outside world influences the phones we use. Mark talks about how Nokia works with trend agencies, to understand what’s popular now, and in the future across a broad spectrum of industries, from fashion to furniture. From there, Nokia can develop an understand of what the requirements are going to be for a device, and work out how best to fullfil them.

With 47 million sold, the 6300 was a brilliant success. Mark puts much of this down to everything about the device being in the right place at the right time. He describes the device as a classic Nokia, with the right design, the right materials and the right technology. Building from that with the 6700 the team set out to create a device that has restraint, elegance, is timeless with a formal design language, resulting in a classic device. He rather touchingly describes it as “the little black dress of phones”. Never in fashion, never out of fashion – it’s just perfect.

Watch more of what Mark has to say in the video below, and let us know what you think afterwards.