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June 18, 2009

Stephen Fry meets Nokia N97

LONDON, England – Nokia Conversations rocked up a little late to the N97 launch party at the Getty Images Gallery in London, and missed the guest of honour, none other than Mr Stephen Fry – writer, broadcaster and technophile. Stephen spent an hour checking out the launch demonstrations, playing with the N97 and speaking to UK Nokia MD Mark Loughran. Mr Fry also found time to tweet during his visit “At the Nokia N97 launch. Mmm. Looking good….” ( He also later remarked on Gravity, whilst also discussing some other devices with his followers.

Stephen Fry is a legend in the UK, and no doubt thanks to Twitter around the world now too. He’s well known for his brilliant presenting, writing and acting, but latterly through his various columns and blogs, he’s become something of a tech celebrity too.

The event went without a hitch and was attended by many. The real guests of honour of course were the plentiful N97s for people to play with and try out. The Nokia Flagship Store on Regent Street is also to get a new N97 display set up, which consists of “augmented reality” views of the device in action. The display was reveled at the event and offerred the attending media the opportunity to explore more of the new device.