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June 19, 2009

Nokia N97 Facebook video

GLOBAL – Facebook has wrangled its way back into my life (after being usurped by Twitter) simply because of the FB app on my N97. Before I got that, I hadn’t been on the site for a while, and only then to briefly pick up messages. Now I’m on it pretty much every day. I wrote the other day about how simple apps like the Facebook one can bring the phone and service together, and how the integration of the device’s camera functionality in the app made a real difference. Well, with the N97 hitting the streets in London today (and pre-orders aplenty!) I’m sure lots of you will get to see it for yourself. Meanwhile, for those who haven’t yet, we’ve got a neat little video showing the app in action.

Alongside the camera there’s a bunch of other features in the Facebook app worth mentioning. Chief above all is bouncing around the new menu system using touch – dab here and there and you can jump between messages, camera, friends and such. The homescreen widget keeps you up to date on what’s happening in FB and of course opens the door to the app with a quick dab. Kinetic scrolling is another favourite of mine, making it easy to browse through status updates, mini feed and messages.

Right, enough jabbering from me I need to go and poke some friends. The video’s below, enjoy. Any thoughts on what else you’d like to see in a Facebook app in the comments below.