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June 22, 2009

Let the children sing – video

SENGAL – Nokia teamed up with children’s rights awareness raising organisation Plan to help boost an innovative music project called Tundu Joor. The objective is to bring poor children together with well known artists to create music. Behind the music is a key message, to promote child rights. 27 Senegalese artistes have taken part following a regional call out to kids who were interested in the project. Those involved created the album Tundu Joor after taking part in a series of workshops focused on music and getting involved.

With the album complete, the group toured Senegal and performed live concerts, helping to get the message of child rights out there beyond those who were already involved. Plenty of challenges were faced along the way, particularly when many of the kids couldn’t actually read or write, and some couldn’t speak the national language. The group overcame those though and now those talented enough to make it through the audition process, not only helped to spread an important message, but also got the chance to help them out of the situation they were in.

If you haven’t already, take a few minutes to watch the video. It’s in equal measure heart warming and distressing.