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June 22, 2009

Nokia Point and Find management portal video

GLOBALNokia Point and Find is still taking baby steps as it evolves during this early beta phase of its life, yet it has already become one of the most intriguing (and public) innovations on the mobile landscape, primed for businesses to explore and anyone to benefit from.

Recently we posted a video on our Conversations YouTube channel, highlighting the Nokia Point and Find management portal – a smart tool that enables people and businesses to create and control new realms of digitally tagged realities. Click through to watch the full video and for more details.

The Nokia Point and Find management portal is an online tool that lets companies create brand experiences by photographing real life objects and associating these with virtual tags, linked to heaps of customized info, such as telephone numbers, location info and relevant URLs. It’s a portal that enables them to organize content and directories, as well as control access rights and settings. Sure, there’s a cost involved, with a Basic Beta Pack for one publisher costing US$60 a month, a Prime Beta Pack enabling collaboration on a small team scale for US1499 a month, and the Pro Beta Pack allowing the the greatest level of collaboration of up to two publishers, with five editors, 10 authors and 20 viewers for US$2599 a month. It’s no secret that this management portal service is aimed and businesses and not individuals, but the great thing is that all of this is to benefit the end user, and in turn could affect all of us. Here’s the video that explains how it works.

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