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June 26, 2009

How to shoot a music video

LONDON, England – New lessons were learned in shooting and directing music videos recently when the video for the Noisettes new single ‘Saturday Night’ was shot using only Nokia devices. 64 Nokia N95 8GBs were attached to metal arms to create “The Transformer”, a multi-eyed video camera which captured much of the footage. 70 fans were also armed with Nokia devices to help capture the scenic stuff.

The video was shot to celebrate the launch of the 5800 Comes with Music on Orange and took place in a disused swimming pool in London’s Hackney. Both Nokia N95 8GBs and Nokia 5800s were used in the video. It was the first time a UK music act has used only mobile devices to shoot a music video.

Sadly we don’t have a sneaky preview of the video as it isn’t due to be released until September. I suspect it’ll take that long just to sift through the footage recorded by over 100 devices. Neither do we know how many memory cards were used, though that would be interesting!

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve heard or seen of any other interesting and curious ways mobile cameras have been used.