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July 6, 2009

Almanac spotlight – Nseries

GLOBAL – This week we’re going to shine a light on The Almanac, which we launched a few weeks back. The idea behind the Almanac is to tell the stories behind devices we think deserve to be highlighted. Our aim is to build a bigger picture of those devices, both digging into the Nokia archives for never-seen-before sketches and reaching out to highlight what others have been saying. During this week we’ll pick a different section of The Almanac to shine our torch on, highlighting the most interesting bits. Read on to find out about the Nseries devices.

Nseries is all about hi-end devices and the four that are in The Almanac currently certainly do their bit to fulfill that criteria. The N95 might only be a couple of years old, but it’s already a classic, game-changing phone in my opinion (and plenty of others too, judging by its success). PC Magazine said “it seems as if it dropped out of a time warp from the future”. It’s hard to choose a single feature that helped the N95 gain its place in The Almanac, I think it has more to do that it does so much, so well.

The N97 is obviously deserving of place in The Almanac. Not only is it the new flagship from Nokia, but how else would you find out that Nokia House, Nokia’s HQ in Espoo, was opened in 1997? You’ll also find some original N97 design sketches in the gallery and of course that N97 launch video which was a big hit on YouTube.

It isn’t just all-singing all-dancing range toppers in The Almanac though. We also pay homage to Charlie’s favourite camera, the N86 8MP. The first eight-megapixel Nokia gets the full Almanac treatment, including an explanation of OLED.

“One of the most iconic and best-loved Nseries” is how the Nokia N73’s description starts. Fitting then that it’s in The Almanac from the beginning and fitting too that it also boasts a full low-down on the Ken Burns effect. However, it’s the video of someone taking an N73 apart that intrigues me most (and it goes without saying, please don’t try this at home!).