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July 8, 2009

Almanac spotlight – Eseries

GLOBAL – Pretty much since it came out, I’ve been a heavy E71 user. I’ve used (and still do use) a variety of other devices but I keep coming back to the E71 as my everyday workhorse (though the N97 is giving it a hammering for attention recently). For me though, the E71 is one of the best devices Nokia has ever made. On so many different levels it just works. It also forms the middle Eseries device in The Almanac.

Boy Genius Report said in its initial review “This thing, in our opinion, is the best phone Nokia has made to date.” It’s not alone either, read the reviews linked to from the E71’s Almanac page and you’ll see nothing but glowing praise. These aren’t selected reviews either, as you can tell when you see a sites like Trusted Reviews giving the device 10 out of 10 and Zdnet offering 9.5/10.

When CJ from ZOMG its CJ got his hands on the E75 his response was “The thing is built like a tank. The E75’s UI is quick and fast, and it has all the nice little Eseries extras that we’ve come to know and love without compromising on other features too much.” As well as that juicy nugget, we managed to get hold of some original design sketches for the E75‘s Almanac page. Oh, and some interesting stuff about the colour red!

The final part of the Eseries Almanac jigsaw is filled by that heady workhorse of a device, the E55. Here you’ll find some 3D mock ups, alongside some interesting stuff about predictive text and the usual dose of the latest videos. Plus plenty of links for stuff related to the device Engadget’s Paul Miller described as “insanely pocketable”.