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July 13, 2009

Nokia gesture design video (and live research in London)

LONDON, EnglandDesigning gestures to help you interact with your device in intuitive ways is a challenge that Nokia is grabbing with both hands and welcoming with a respectful bow. Younghee Jung is one of Nokia’s explorative designers, and she’s keenly leading the design investigation process into what makes a gesture work in real life and what it means to real people from different countries and cultures.

In this video Younghee explains more about what goes into designing gestures for Nokia devices, and conducts some live research on the streets of London, speaking to local people and equipping them with a plastic mono-block phone prop, to find out how they would use gestures for certain tasks. Click through to catch the full video and find out how folk reacted.

We caught up with Younghee Jung last month at Nokia’s design day event in London. See our interview with her, and read more about gesture design.