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GLOBAL – Over the past month we’ve been granted rare access, fascinating insight and candid chat related to a bunch of innovative design projects taking place at Nokia’s design studio in London. It’s certainly one of the Nokia hotspots for design innovation. From gesture and homescreen ingenuity to icon creation and the craft of “making communication more human” (as told to us recently by Axel Meyer, head of Nseries design at Nokia), our recent exposure to the design studio in London has painted an engrossing picture of what happens behind the curtain and how the people at Nokia holding the crayons go about bringing new devices and experiences to life.

We’ve herded together a collection of recent videos featuring some of the passionate and creative folk at the Nokia design studio in London. Get a glimpse of how it all happens and some of the thinking behind a number of recent design projects.

Here’s a video interview with Mark Delaney, a design director at Nokia, as he talks about design choices and directions related to Nokia products. He also gives some insights into specific products >>

Nokia designers Younghee Jung and Joe Macleod talk about mobile gesture design and the smart prototypes used to test new gestures for real >>

Earlier this week we also brought you a follow-up video from Younghee Jung that sees her explaining more about gesture design and conducting live research on the streets of London >>

Head of Nokia Nseries design, Axel Meyer, chats to us about flagship products and touches on the Nokia N97 >>

Nokia designers Juliana Ferreira and Lee Cooper tell us about personalisation and the creation of the new Nokia homescreen as found on the N97 >>

Juliana and Lee also followed up this week with a video talking further about their research and design approach here >>

Here’s a video of the N97 homescreen in action >>

And finally here’s a video we posted yesterday that sees Nokia designer Rob Williams give us an insight into the craft of creating icons >>

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