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July 20, 2009

Ovi Files now totally free – first reactions

GLOBALOvi Files has now hopped over the pay wall to become a totally free Nokia service. Ovi Files arms you with the ability to remotely access files on your home computer courtesy of an online vault of free personal storage from Nokia, accessible via your mobile or any remote computer using your web browser. So scratching the subscription adds a significant twist to its appeal, and one that has triggered heaps of reactions across the web. So what does this really mean to many, and what are folk saying. Read on for the first reactions.

Initially highlighted by Devin over at The Nokia Guide, others were quick to voice their thoughts.

Over at here’s what The Guru had to say:

“A quick check of my account shows that I now have 10GB of complementary service, which is certainly much appreciated… I, for one, use Ovi Files nearly every day, for various purposes, usually installing things to my various phones… We recently thought of a host of ways that Nokia could add some real value to the Ovi Files product, and I really hope that they were listening, because, especially now that it’s free, they could really gain some attention with it.”

Steve at All About Symbian was interested to hear about Ovi Files becoming free, and added to this with his opinion on another Ovi service he’d like to see see become free:

“The least sexy of the Ovi services, has changed from a commercial into a free service. Possibly driven by poor take up, Nokia has simply made it free for all and is quoted as saying that existing unused subscription periods will be refunded. Interesting. I’d like to see them make pedestrian navigation free for all next in Ovi Maps – now that would put the cat among the (ahem) apples and blackberries…”

NokNok reported the news pretty straight:

“Nokia’s Ovi Files is a handy online storage service that gives you access to your home PC’s files wherever you are, serving them straight up to your phone. And while you’d previously have to shell out some cash money for the privilege, we’re happy to report that it’s now totally free!”

CJ at ZOMG its CJ didn’t go overboard, simply saying:

“I’ve played around with the service before, and its definitely very helpful.”

If you’ve seen any other reactions you’d like to share here – good, bad or ugly – please, as always, share them along with your opinions in the comments section below.

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