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July 20, 2009

What if the moon landings happened today in a world of Twitter and mobile?

GLOBAL – As I’m sure many of you are aware today marks 40 years since man first kicked up dust on the surface of the moon. But what if the moon landings had taken place today, documented and shared in a digital-savvy culture where Twitter and online distribution tools are cemented in our everyday lives and informal info gathering routines?

How would the news of the crew aboard Apollo 11 touching down have been shared via mobile and the web? Would we be updated by astronauts tweeting their every small step and giant leap? Would they have created a blog on WordPress or Typepad and posted updates, and spent their downtime moderating comments and spammers?

UPDATE: The best comment award goes to Ramkumar R. Aiyengar (see comments section below)
How do you imagine photos, video, audio and live facts might be collected and distributed by our compulsively active global online community? Would the footage be shared online in high definition and would podcasts be piped into our ears within minutes of touchdown? How would the conspiracy theories be voiced – YouTube video responses? Surely.

The possibilities are vast, as are the distribution channels, both person to person and single service to global populace.

Ultimately, would we be treated to a better enriched experience with more appreciation for such an event? One that would inevitably saturate the web with more content and opinion than we’d begin to know how to digest (a challenge that already exists). Would the scale and mystique of landing on the moon be lost in our mobile digital age or enhanced? I’d like to think the latter, but what do you reckon?

I think the scenario is a fascinating one, and I’d be interested to find out how you think such a monumental moment such as mankind landing on the moon would have been covered today with the mobile technology and sharing tools so readily on hand to us.

Let us know how you think it might have played out. The best comment wins a copy of our favourite Twitter app, Gravity for S60 to add an extra sprinkling of fun to the proceedings, so please leave your ‘out of this world’ opinions below.

Photo from Kevin