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July 23, 2009

Wild Wonders of Europe

GLOBAL – Nokia has partnered with Wild Wonders of Europe, an exciting pan-European photographic initiative, to help associated photographers tell and share their stories. The initiative brings together more than 66 of the best photographers in Europe. The photographers, who come from 18 different countries, will be embarking on over 100 assignments, across 48 European countries, with the aim of capturing and revealing Europe’s national heritage to the world. The initiative, which actually kicked off last year, is aiming to be the most spectacular nature and wildlife show ever seen.

Images captured by the photographers can be seen via Ovi Share and already there are more than 50 online galleries showcasing some of the 150,000 images taken so far. Photographers are sharing their experiences through blogs, updated from the field, and the Wild Wonders website also plays host to a monthly competition alongside video diaries and podcasts.

Over the next two years a major tour of key European cities is planned where a major outdoor exhibition will showcase the best photography. There will also be a multi-language coffee table book and AV shows taking place across Europe.

You can find out more from the project website Meanwhile check out a selection of the images in the gallery below.