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August 3, 2009

Unlocking the possibilities

GLOBAL – Nokia has been working hard with carriers in the US to bring new offerings to US-based consumers. Recently we saw the Surge (which Engadget’s Darren Murph quite liked) roll out on AT&T. But what of the many devices Nokia produces that aren’t carried by networks in the US, for whatever reason? Plenty are available (at varying times, compared to Europe) direct either from Nokia USA or through retailers. Nothing strange in this idea, save for the fact that for many based in the USA, buying an unlocked device is almost unheard of. So much so, the folks at Nokia USA have put together a video explaining what it’s all about.

When Symbian Guru discovered the vid on Nokia USA’s site he reckoned it was five years late. However, it’s there and for US customers should prove a useful tool in understanding the potential they have when choosing their next device. Given that the video goes into a basic explanation of what a SIM card is, the video isn’t designed with those already very familiar with mobile devices. However, if you’re based in the US, and need an easy way to explain someone’s options for their next device, you’d do a lot worse than pointing them at this vid.