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August 4, 2009

All of the above

GLOBAL – That headline is the most used statement in response to last week’s poll “what do you expect from a software update?” I must say, the response took me by surprise, in that I knew it would be a hot topic, but didn’t quite realise how hot. The good news is we’ve engaged the guys behind the Software Updates and they’re really keen to talkĀ  on Conversations about how this stuff works – we’re hoping to have a story ready in the next day or two. Meanwhile, it’s time to analyze the results of the poll.

New features topped the poll with 27 per cent of the votes. This was closely followed by bug fixes with 19 per cent and speed improvements in joint third place with 16 per cent. Lining up alongside was “Other” which, on looking through the list of suggestions made by readers choosing that option, consisted mostly of “All of the above”. It wasn’t only that, though, so I’ve included the full list (de-duped) of the other suggestions readers made. Some good ones in there, I reckon, though it’s hard to tell how practical they would be to implement.

Application improvements with eight per cent snatched fifth place ahead of new applications and improved memory usage in joint sixth both with six per cent of the vote. Increasing compatibility consumed a lowly two per cent of the overall.

It’s great to get a topic like this and see so much feedback through both the poll and the comments on the story. Our next step is to get some feedback from the folks who actually manage the software updates and also get some insight into how decisions are made, and the general process behind delivering updates. More on that shortly, meanwhile here’s the list of other suggestions made. If you have any more, add them in the comments below. Thanks to all 747 readers who voted and kudos to Conversations reader lupixx for the suggesting the poll in the first place!

New UI
An official changelog so that we can decide if the update is worth the pain!
Change language packs
Networks and services integration (“Active” Skype Contacts, more stable SIP, etc
Kinetic scrolling
Consistent Interface
A cleane white theme
improved sound quality
speed improvements, bug fixes, coreUI improvements (i.e kinetic scroll in S60v5)
Option for changing the name display order in Messages applicationBetter look and themesFirmware that can be installed with a Mac / OS X
Consistent scrolling on nokia 5800
Multitouch to zoom
Update to newest web browser version
Dialing alphanumeric on e71 , like 1-800-FLOWERS
Ram Improvements and bug fixes
New Features and Application Improvments
Required cell phone features to make Maemo a phone platform. Symbian @ EOL
Upgradable operating system. Like from Symbian^2 to Symbian^3 – if possible
All my excisting apps working w/o reinstall
I have a 5800 and would like more options to customize homescreen
New OS version
Same Update for all S60-Series Phones, like iPhone
bug fixes, speed improvements, new features, new applications
Icons Fixed Man
Fully working UI transitions in N97
All of them, or atleast improved memory
Nicer Themes
New Ovi Stlye Icons
Fixes to irritating usability problems
New UI
All of the above, and when possible, the “functionality upgrade”.eg: Fp1 to Fp2
Mac OSX compatible
I expect updates to actually occur- we wait forever for them in the US