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August 5, 2009

Ovi Files now Mac friendly

GLOBAL – Yep, that’s right Mac folks, you can now use Ovi Files to access your files on your Mac (we’re downloading the plugin right now). Revealed by Ovi Files product manager Tam Huynh on the Ovi Blog, Ovi Files now enables you to access your documents on your Mac, even when you’re where it’s not. Not only can you remotely access the files on your OSX 10.5 based Mac from your phone or web browser, but you can also send files to friends (and they don’t even need an Ovi account, but will obviously be better off if they have one!).

10GB of free storage comes with every Ovi Files account and you can use Ovi Files to create an online mirror of stuff on your Mac using the Anytime Files feature. Oh, and you can access more than one computer, so fret not those who have both laptop and desktop.

Setting up is easy. Register for Ovi Files (or login with your Ovi account), accept the terms and conditions, download the software, install and you’re done. Setting mine up took a few minutes and made me sooooo excited! (In fact, I did it whilst writing this post, and that’s a snapshot of my mac’s contents in the pic).

As Tam himself says “Who said PCs and Macs can’t get along? Suits, hipsters, style mavens – – we  can all groove with Ovi Files!”


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