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August 6, 2009

Ovi App spotlight: I Parked Here

GLOBAL – We’ve ripped the Conversations Torch from its packaging, loaded it up with some new batteries and we’re now shining it directly at the latest and greatest from the Ovi Store. First up for the Ovi App Spotlight treatment is a handy little number dubbed I Parked Here. Now, is it me or are car parks getting bigger? All the whilst car spaces are getting smaller. I Parked Here is designed to help you around that particular problem, by showing you the way back to your parked car. Simple, but brilliantly clever at the same time.

See, I Parked Here taps into Skyhook Wireless’s network of logged cell towers and WiFi hotspots. This means you don’t always need a GPS signal to find your car (we all know GPS doesn’t work too well in multi-story car parks). What’s more you don’t need to wait for a GPS signal, which can take a little longer in built up areas (just the kinds of places where you’re likely to forget where exactly you parked your car).

I Parked Here also flies a flag in the face of parking wardens by adding in a parking meter alarm function, so you can get to your car before the warden does. When the alarm sounds, you can find your way back to your car on a choice of maps and it’ll even plot a little walking route for you.

You can pick up I Parked Here from the Ovi Store for about €3. That’s about one twentieth of the cost of a parking ticket in the UK. Mmmm.

Every week we’ll be shining the Conversations torch on a new app from the Ovi Store. If you’ve used one you think we should spotlight, let us know in the comments below.