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August 7, 2009

Comment of the week – Gravity winner

GLOBAL – It seems quite clear that our current polls are proving to be the center point of discussion on Conversations. The latest on mobile web browsing has no less than 21 comments right now, but for me one stood out just a nose in front of the others. Of course there’s a ton that can be said about mobile web browsing, and plenty of people made similar points relating to speed (all very valid) which is proving to be one of the hotter notions on the poll, but Kanak Bhandari went a little bit further with something I hadn’t previously considered. Read on to find out what he had to say.

As I said speed is clearly a hot topic when it comes to browsing. However Kanak brought up something I completely missed on the original poll, and is the only person to actually mention it (maybe it’s not such a hot topic). Single handed use.

It’s a pretty simple thing, but frequently gets overlooked when it comes to mobile websites. Many sites I visit will autofit on the S60 browser so they’re easier to read and access, but it isn’t true of all of them. I’m not entirely sure what can be done about this, given the way the many different ways web standards are implemented on regular websites, whatever about mobile versions.

Kanak goes on to make some more points about mobile browsing, but it was that one which stood out the most for me. As such, it’s helped Kanak bag this week’s copy of Gravity. Congrats Kanak, and enjoy!

Read the comment in full below or check out the rest of the comments on the “what’s the most important feature in a web browsing device?” story.

Kanak Bhandari

Voted all of the above, and knew that there is always a scope of improvement in a Mobile Web Browser.
We need to understand a lot in such case, starting with a the device hardware. No matter how excellent a mobile browser is, until you have a supporting hardware, its of no use.

Flash support to me is very important, as I am a youtube addict. Now imagine the ram is low, and the browser crashes after watching couple of videos , is not what I expect. For me, I got what I wanted from the browser, but the hardware is not able to support it at all.

Coming back to “so” called desktop browsing. Mobile phones should be handy for single handed use. So I dont expect myself to scroll horizontally while using a mobile browser. Hence, AUTOFIT of content to the mobile screen while zooming is again something of high priority.

A FULLSCREEN browsing is another most expected feature, which prevent space wastage. This internally is linked to the feature that all browsing control should be accessible via browsing in Full screen, preventing multiple clicks and scrolls.

Since the talk is about web browsing device, “TOUCHSCREEN” is the most important feature. Touchscreen provides the capability to access any link , options , with just one touch of a screen. A browsing device experience is negligible if there is no touchscreen.

However, the expectations and features will always be increasing … but I know that creating a near to perfect browsing device is always possible.
Cheers !!