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August 11, 2009

Ovi Mail hits 1 million users

GLOBAL – In a little over six months over one million users have signed up for an Ovi Mail account. With the top five countries including India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia and South Africa its clear the idea of on-device email set up and use is proving to be hugely popular in developing countries. This is a great milestone for the team behind Ovi Mail and evidence that the service launch is timely and fulfilling a definite need. Only 25 per cent of the global population are on email right now – Ovi Mail is designed for the other 75 per cent. Ovi Mail users need never touch a PC yet can be completely connected to the online world through their mobile device.

Ovi Mail is available in over 180 countries now and accessible in 20 languages. Of the one million accounts created so far about two thirds were created and set up on mobile devices. Some of the most popular devices for accessing Ovi Mail include the Nokia 2330 Classic, the 2630 and 5310 XpressMusic. Right now though Ovi Mail is supported by over 100 different Nokia models, include S60 devices such as the Nokia N97. What’s more, Ovi Mail is free to use.

I’ve always felt Ovi Mail to be one of the most exciting services launched by Nokia recently, simply because of the way it can make a huge difference to people’s lives. Getting the rest of the world online is a huge undertaking, but with such rapid adoption, it’s looking likely to be a huge success.

To access Ovi Mail, simply go to the email setup wizard on your Nokia Series 40 device or Nokia S60 device such as the Nokia N97 and follow the instructions. Ovi Mail is also available on the web at