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GLOBAL – This time last year we ran a piece about how excited we were to see such diversity breeding on the mobile software scene, punctuated with the emergence of the suite of Ramadan related services for Nokia devices. This year, the Holy Month of Ramadan is again being supported via a package of pocket apps, with the addition of more devices, including the Nokia N97, plus each of the apps is now available through the Ovi Store and

ArabCrunch was first to pick up on the news of the newly available Ramadan apps arriving at the Ovi Store (thanks, it almost flew under our radar!).

The suite of Ramadan services comprises of a collection of seven bite-size apps. There’s a smart Quran app with multi-language support, meaning you can read it in Arabic, English, French, Farsi or Urdu. Plus, it’s been developed with a listen-to feature, with famous reciters Al-Hudhaifi, Al Sudais and Al Shuraim, and even features a smart search function to find key verses, phrases and more.

Alongside the Quran app sit a stable of other useful Ramadan-related slivers of software, including the GPS-enabled Hajj and Umrah app, featuring journeys and famous places you can visit during the pilgrimage with detailed directions. The other apps are called Mozzaker, Cards, Prayer Times, Hadith and Zakah Calculator, and you can read more about each of these over at

Are you a Muslim, and have you used any of these apps or are you planning to? Likewise, do you think similar services for other faiths would work well? Let us know what you think.