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August 18, 2009

And the beat goes on, and on, and on…

Nokia 5330 XpressMusicGLOBAL – We wanted to find out what lies at the heart of a great music device, so over the past week we’ve been asking you to vote for the most important feature in a music phone. The poll doors have now firmly been shut (so don’t go clicking), and the votes have been counted. Read on to find out which feature tops the chart.

Thanks for the great response and stream of smart comments shared by many of you – indeed as a few of you pointed out, we should’ve stuck ‘sound quality’ in there as one of our poll options (oops), nonetheless those of you that thought this was most important voted ‘other’ and added it there – thank goodness for catch-alls! But ‘sound quality’ didn’t win the title of most important feature in a music phone. So what did?

Battery life‘ came in as the most important feature, securing a healthy 21% of the vote. Surprised? And some of you explained why, with greg003 kicking things off and making an allusion to your music being a valuable companion on long trips:

“The most important feature for me in a music phone is the battery life, I travel long hours with the type of work that I have and mostly I got my phones music player as my company, I want it to last at least 24hours nonstop.”

He goes on to mention improvements in ‘sound quality’ as second most important, however, sound quality didn’t come in second as it was pipped by ‘speakers’ with 19% of the vote. The ‘other’ option did make it onto the podium though, with 16% and it was here that the ‘sound quality’ drum was beaten loudest. Gapless playback was another alternative raised here (along with a few other suggestions), and echoed in the comments.

‘Dedicated music controls’ came in fourth with 9%, closely tailgated by ‘amp’, ‘headphones’ and ‘storage’ each earning 8%.

‘Over the air downloads’ brought in 5% of the vote, followed by an ‘FM transmitter’ with 4% and ‘Bluetooth Stereo’ only landing 1%.

What do you reckon to how this played out? As always, please jot down your thoughts below.