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STUTTGART, Germany – With countdown to Nokia World 09 in full swing, and our excitement barometers bubbling over, it’s time to shine a light on the keynote speakers that will be gripping the podium on 2-3 September.

Read on for highlights of who’s talking about what at Nokia World 09, and why we’re fired up to hear what they have to say.

We’ll be reporting live from Nokia World 09, bringing you the latest must-know updates, so here’s the line-up of speakers and what to expect. These are the highlights of day one.

First up on stage on 2 September at 9am is Nokia CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo. The man in charge will open the event with his Welcome to Nokia World 09 keynote speech. In terms of what we can expect, it’s little surprise that there certainly will be announcements, so watch this space for all the breaking stories and reactions from around the web.

Next up podium-side is Anssi Vanjoki, who’s keynote will explore the future of consumer driven mobile solutions. Again, this is sure to be an interesting insight into where things are headed for Nokia products and services. The CEO of Deutsche Telekom, Rene Obermann, will then deliver a keynote speech on connected life & work followed by Larry Kaplan, President and CEO at Navteq for what’s sure to be a fascinating talk on data for the human race.

As for day two (3 September), Niklas Savander, Executive Vice President of Services at Nokia is delivering his keynote speech on the topic of delivering on people and places. Intriguing. Shortly after Mary McDowell, Executive Vice President and Chief Development Office at Nokia is giving a talk entitled bridging the gap: mobile solutions for the next billion.

We’re keen to hear what Facebook’s Director of Mobile, Henri Moissinac, has to say in his keynote speech on social applications: the future of mobile.

Tomorrow we’ll let you know all the Nokia folk we’ve booked interviews with at Nokia World 09. Plus, we’ll be opening the floor to your suggested questions for the people we’ll be chatting to, to ensure the Conversations voice is heard. So stay tuned for tomorrow’s update, and get your thinking hats on!

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