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August 28, 2009

Comment of the week – “glass half full”

Glass-half-fullGLOBAL – It’s been another great week for comments here on Conversations, so thanks to all of you that continue to get stuck in and keenly chew the fat on all things Nokia related. This week’s winning comment struck a chord and earned the first-place rosette thanks to its optimism, insight and experience… plus, it made us feel pretty good.

Read on to find out who has won this week’s copy of our favourite S60 Twitter app, Gravity.

A couple of days ago Charlie wrote a round-up piece entitled Taking a hard look at Nokia products and solutions, which touched on the knocks you have to take on certain days, and highlighted a downer piece on All that is wrong with Nokia. In response to this negativity, Mike (a reader, not me) posted a comment in response to this that really stuck with us, and lands him this week’s comment of the week award.

“To be honest I tend to stop following blogs that focus on the negative. In my day I have written software, developed patented advanced robotic manufacturing applications for the US Air Force, analyzed building thermal performance using Computational Fluid Dynamic software…and am generally considered the “techy geek” in my office. So I understand that it is easy to come up with enhancements and improvements to existing code and applications…no programmer is perfect…but when I think of all that I can accomplish on a device that fits in my pocket (an E71) I am amazed at how far technology has come. I guess I see the glass as half full after years of being the guy pouring water into it. Could it be more full? Sure…but keeping it in the perspective of 40 years in industry, using or developing technology every day, I think the current devices and applications are pretty outstanding.”

Read the full story here.

Congrats again to Mike for his winning comment, your copy of Gravity is on its way, and please keep your great comments flooding in.

Photo from tolokonov