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September 7, 2009

Nokia World 2009 reaction round-up

soapboxGLOBAL – We looked around to see what folks talked about from Nokia World 2009. It turns out that the Nokia Booklet 3G and the Nokia N900, even though they were launched before the event, dominated discussions.

Nonetheless, analysts far and wide weighed in on the announcements. Below, we’ve mentioned a few choice articles, representative of the general discussion out there. So read on for a full flavour round-up.

The Nokia Booklet 3G
The guys at Engadget were excited with the new Booklet 3G, but were cautious about some things related to it. They were curious to see if the half-day battery life would hold up to real-life testing. Also, they were a bit surprised with the €575 price tag despite comments from Nokia executives that the Booklet would be heavily subsidized by operators.

A search on YouTube also revealed a ton of videos, with hands-on reviews, promo videos, and interviews.

The Nokia N900
The first Linux-based Maemo phone has everyone talking, as well. Here’s a video of a demo given to Mark Guim. We don’t know how he managed to sit still the whole time, so close to this device.

The Nokia X6
Taking a page out of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic’s book, the Nokia X6 is sleeker and packing a bit more than its predecessor. While we are not always super enthusiastic about small technical features in a product, it seems like many folks were relieved to hear that the X6 had a fancy capacitive touch screen. I suppose that’s a signal folks were looking for that Nokia indeed was going to come out with capacitive touch devices.

The Nokia N97 mini
Folks were happy to hear about the N97 mini. And the folks at Avec Mobile pointed out that while most of the differences are seemingly slight, one difference between the bantam and the bigger sibling is significant: price.

One little item that did indeed get some mentions was the Lifecasting app for the N97, which makes it easy for folks to update their Facebook profile from a mobile. When the N97 launched it was called the Facebook phone. Now, it’s even more so.

Lionel Laurent from Forbes reports on Facebook’s forays into mobile and its growing relationship with Nokia.

You can get the Lifecasting app at Nokia Beta Labs. Here’s a video (kinda) demoing it. Though you don’t need a funky emo-doo to use it.

Parting shots
We also want to point out two articles that represent a feeling that’s out there. Basically, there is an underlying interest in the new products released, that Nokia is continuing to make moves to change user’s expectations of mobile devices of all types. But there is also a feeling that there was a lot that was not done or said at Nokia World, either for US customers or in response to competitors.

What do you think? What do the products announced at Nokia World 2009 tell you about where Nokia is going and what it can achieve? Likewise, if you’ve seen more reactions out there on the web or offline related to NW09 that you’d like to share here (good,  bad or indifferent) please share them below.

Image from MonsieurLui