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September 8, 2009

The Progress Project

Progress-projectGLOBAL – Nokia has long been working in emerging markets to bring new tools and devices to those who need them. We’ve written here before about Nokia Life Tools and Nokia Data Gathering, two such projects to be highlighted in video by a team from Lonely Planet. Revealed at last week’s Nokia World, the videos explore the work being done, and the direct impact it’s having on the local environments.

Lonely Planet Author Frances Linzee Gordon takes us on a journey in video into three of the main projects currently under way. Wrapped up as part of the Progress Project, the videos shed more light on how specific projects are having real impact. The Progress Project is a collaboration between Nokia and Lonely Planet. David Mason is head of technology marketing at Nokia and he spoke to Conversations at last week’s Nokia World. His passion for using technology to help people improve their personal circumstance is clear and highlighting these initiatives, David hopes, will help create more opportunities to make positive change.

But therein also lays one of the biggest challenge. Whilst the initiatives are popular and successful locally, raising awareness on a global level is much harder. Speaking to the gathered bloggers at Nokia World, David called for them to tell him what he needs to do to help bring this stuff to the fore. We’re really keen to know what kind of information we can share with you that’ll help continue to raise awareness. Let us know in the comments below.

You can check out the first three videos below and find out more about the Progress Project on the official website.

Nokia Life Tools

Nokia Data Gathering

PEIR (Personal Environmental Impact Report)