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September 9, 2009

Nokia X6 and Playlist DJ spin tunes to suit your mood

Playlist-DJ-Nokia-X6STUTTGART, Germany – Last week’s Nokia World 09 event was peppered with smart bite-size chunks of software, intriguing innovations and news nuggets that continue to rattle our interest. One such piece was Playlist DJ, a sliver of music software that’s accessible via the homescreen of the new Nokia X6. It enables you to toy with a set of sliders (graphic equalizer style) to find music to suit your mood. All sounds a bit hippy, I know, but we had a demo of it, and it’s surprisingly simple and promises to be a pretty effective alternative method of picking tunes according to your frame of mind.

Now, hands up, we weren’t quick enough on the draw with our camcorder to film our demo of Playlist DJ in action on the Nokia X6, but luckily others were. Click through to watch a brief video shot by Fone Arena, and to share your comments on this interesting mini music app.

When you fire up Playlist DJ the service connects to your network, via 3G or Wi-Fi, and sucks info from a database that works out which songs are sat on your phone (in this case the Nokia X6), and recommends the ideal tunes for whichever mood, or combination of moods, you wish to tell it. So if you’re wanting adrenaline-enhancing tracks mixed with a sad twist, it’ll pluck a suitable song stored on your device and lift it to the surface. As you slide the sliders up and down the recommended track list changes dynamically to fit, so you’re never left waiting for songs to listen to.

Check out the video below, created by the folks over at Fone Arena, showing Playlist DJ in action, and as always, please let us know what you think in the comments section directly south.