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GLOBAL – “We expect to be connected all the time, no matter where we are”. So says Kai Öistämö, head of devices at Nokia. There’s no doubt mobility is such a key part of our technological lives now, and such a rich part of Nokia’s heritage. It seems like a natural extension that the next thing we should see from Nokia is the Booklet 3G. Speaking to potential users about connectivity and mobility illicited some predictable, and in some cases scary, responses, which combined sum up pretty well the general view on connectivity and mobility. The full responses can be seen in the video below, but here come some of our choice cuts.

“The revolution will not be televised, it will be webcast” is said somewhat in jest but it does highlight how central the Internet is becoming in all we consume digitally. Others talk about having to “be connected when [they] get up in the morning”, and feeling “out of the loop” if they’re not connected. Personally, I fall into this camp. It’s something we just expect today and it frustrates me daily, that my laptop isn’t always online.

Kai also talks about ease of use and how that made Windows 7 a natural choice for the Nokia Booklet 3G. It’s clear too, from playing with the device at Nokia World last week that look and feel is super important too. One of the interviewees in the video talks about everyone having “their own personal brand”. What a device we own says about us is as important, in some cases, as what it can actually do for us. I’d certainly put myself in that camp.

One of the Nokia Booklet 3G’s major draws has to be the 12 hour battery life. As another interviewee says, “we shouldn’t be tethered by a power cord”. “12 hours is the holy grail”, suggests another – something I’d find hard to disagree with. What if we never had to plug in at all? How cool would that be?

Check out the video below and check back here regularly for the latest on the Nokia Booklet 3G. You can also join in the great spec debate here.