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September 11, 2009

Comment of the week… selected with help from Socrates

SocratesGLOBAL – Yesterday morning Phil posted a piece on sites that look fantastic on Nokia touch devices, immediately sparking a stream of smart comments.

That piece and this week’s winning comment do something that is often sidelined in favour of many of us lingering on our irrepressible appetite for what’s next (guilty as charged) – both refreshingly stop to enjoy the now, in this case web browsing on Nokia touch devices such as the N97. So it’s funny that earlier today on my morning Stumbleupon stroll that I read a quote on refspace from Socrates that clearly led me to gravitate towards Phil’s story and the winning comment associated with it. Socrates once said, “He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.”

That comment certainly would’ve earned a copy of the Twitter app, Gravity. Wonder if Socrates would’ve been a Nokia sort of guy? 🙂 Perhaps less profound, but still in the spirit of Socrates, read on to find out who has won this week’s best comment award and a copy of Gravity.

Jay Montano (great name btw) has won comment of the week for his response to Phil’s article on sites that look fantastic on Nokia touch devices, highlighting how he is “contented with what he has” and offers a couple of smart suggestions for the future (okay, so it’s hard not to glimpse at the horizon).

Jay Montano: “I sometimes forget how good the mobile browser actually is. (I think I just expect it to perform like a desktop too much – always preferring to load desktop versions over reformatted mobile ones – though the Nokia N900 might sort that out)… I do hope we see some UI improvements in the future though – such as being able to manually hide the sidebar instead of waiting for it to disappear. And perhaps even tabbed browsing.”

Congratulations Jay! A copy of the Twitter app Gravity is headed your way and will work a treat on your N97.

To read Jay’s full comment and join the discussion on sites that look fantastic on Nokia touch devices click here

Please keep your great comments flooding in!

Photo from bencrowe