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September 11, 2009

Nokia N900 at onedotzero – behind the scenes video

onedotzero-n900LONDON, England – The onedotzero festival opened on London’s Southbank last night and star of the show (for Conversations at least) is the Nokia N900 powered installation which greets visitors to the BFI. The installation is absolutely huge, and can be controlled, influenced and manipulated by the Nokia N900 (get the full lowdown here).

We got our hands on this neat little video from the folks behind the project, showing the whole thing being set up in super-fast motion. If you’re not going to be in London this weekend, here’s what you’ll be missing. If you are in town, you need to get yourself down to the Southbank tonight or tomorrow night and check it out (it’s a projector-based installation, so it only comes to life after dark!).