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September 17, 2009

Ovi Store: An app a day keeps the doctor away

MyDailyAppGLOBAL – The Forum Nokia guys and gals have launched a great new blog called with the singularity of purpose of of doing exactly what it says on the tin – every day the team shines the spotlight on a smart bite-size chunk of mobile software that you can download from the Ovi Store. Read on to find out more, including some of the first apps to be picked from the tree.

Launched late last week, the team responsible for have already highlighted a bunch of great little apps and widgets, including TrueCaller (a smart caller ID app) created by True Software Scandinavia AB, Shopping List (you get the idea) made by a small Finish outfit called Digia, the suite of new Ramadan apps, VoiceQ (for voice recording and sharing) by Tel Aviv-based SBSH Mobile Software, and FLORIN Finance Tracker (designed to help you manage your personal finances on the move) created by fellow UK dwellers BlueskyNorth.

As for the team cherry-picking the apps each day, that’s the dedicated folk at Forum Nokia. Their motivation? Simple. As they highlight on their About Us page: – “When we first talked about starting this website, we knew we wanted to do two things: write about all the cool apps that we were seeing in Ovi Store (the list is growing each week!); and write about the developers and companies that have created these apps for all of us to use.”

There’s a cool Twitter channel @mydailyapp supplementing the site, along with RSS, meaning it’s easy to keep in-the-know on the latest software nuggets that are being shoved into the limelight. If you’ve got any suggestions or feedback (good and bad, of course), they want to hear it in their comments section and by getting stuck in on their Twitter channel.

I guess I’ll wrap up by drawing your attention to a few things the team are again keen to highlight on their about us page:

  1. These reviews are NOT paid endorsements of any kind. Neither the team that runs Ovi Store, nor the developers whose apps are reviewed have any influence over the apps that are selected, or what is written about those apps.
  2. We promise to bring you new stuff every business day (Monday through Friday) that we expect you will enjoy, too. OK, if you don’t like it, tell us what you don’t like, and we’ll try harder.
  3. We know there’s a ton of content out there for your Nokia mobile devices. Equally, we know that most people are really busy, and can’t spend all day looking at apps. We’re going to do the homework for you. We didn’t think you would mind.
  4. These reviews are likely to be positive in tone. We’re going to test a lot of applications and content in Ovi Store, and then select the best ones to write about. We won’t waste your time with bogus reviews about apps we wouldn’t use ourselves. Honest.
  5. We won’t be right all the time. And, we’re going to make mistakes. However, when that does happen, we’ll acknowledge it, and we’ll fix it.
  6. OK, this list could go on and on, but we think you get the idea.

We’ll be following it keenly as it promises to make the hunt for great apps easier. What do you think? As always please share your comments below.