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GLOBAL – A few days ago we posted a reader poll to open up a discussion on how many phones you carry (if you haven’t already, get your vote counted today). We’re only a few days into the voting and already the response has been great, with over 700 of you getting involved. Notably, the current poll figures show that 56% of the Nokia Conversations readership carry two or more phones. Equally as interesting is the fact that the topic of dual SIM phones has somewhat naturally bubbled to the surface in tandem and become the hot topic of debate related to the question how many phones do you carry? This week’s award goes to one of you keenly involved in the debate.

Read on to find out who wins this week’s copy of the Gravity Twitter app, and to join the dual SIM discussion.

Burak is one of our readers from Turkey, and wins comment of the week for his story for carrying more than one phone, and sharing his thoughts on the whole dual SIM debate. Here’s highlights of what he had to say:

Burak Says: “I am carrying two phones (both Nokia) because of a couple of reasons. One of the phones has a pre-paid sim card and the other has a pay per use sim card and they belong to different operators. In my country (Turkey), interopreator calling rates are extremely high and carrying two phones allows me to communicate with the least cost. Moreover, I am allocating one of the phones for work and I do not give away the phone number of the other phone so that I can easily distinguish between personal and work related calls. If necessary, I can turn off the work phone and I can still communicate with my personal contacts. You may also ask if call forwarding is an alternative option, but when you forward calls, you cannot receive S(M)MS… And if you are buying a new phone to carry two phones, it creates an unnecessary waste of resources, besides inconvenience. A dual sim phone would have done the same job with less harm to the nature and with less cost.”

To read the full comment (it’s quite a long one, hence the abridged version above) and to join the discussion visit our latest poll on how many phones do you carry and get involved. And don’t forget to vote.

Congratulations Burak, a copy of the Twitter app, Gravity, is on it’s way to you. Please keep your comments piling in, and don’t forget to suggest a topic for Conversations here.

Photo from mroach