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September 24, 2009

Awe-v or oh-v-ee?

OviGLOBAL – Ever since it was first announced I’ve had something of a curious fascination with the way the word Ovi is pronounced. I’m sure I’m not alone, either. Mike did a video of it last year, interviewing a bunch of folks and asking them to pronounce Ovi (well, me and his family). There seems to be a consensus there that it’s drawn out, rather than a harsh drop. So, more “oh-v-ee” than “awe-v”.

Last night though, I clocked the first Ovi Store TV advert in the UK. I’m not sure how long it’s been running but I was genuinely surprised and HUGELY impressed. It was clear, showed definite benefits for users and firmly plants the Ovi Store seed in viewers’ minds. All great save for one thing. The way they pronounced Ovi. It was the harsher, more sudden version, rather than the softer, more drawn out one.

Now, interestingly, the only version of the ad I could find online was the German one (see video below), where they use the softer pronounciation. Also, for my own sanity, I wanted to check how Nokia CEO OPK says it, so I even re-watched his Nokia World 09 Keynote to check. Yep, it’s oh-vee or him too.

So, what is it where you are? Awe-v or oh-vee? (Let us know which country you’re in too).