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October 2, 2009

Mapping out the good things

Ovi-Maps-Good-ThingsGLOBAL – There’s a new feature on Ovi Maps and its needs you to make it a brilliant one. Good Things is a way for Ovi Maps users to share their favourite places around the world. Already there’s hundreds of places been added with hundreds more being added every day. What’s more, it’s dead easy, too.

Once you’ve installed the latest Ovi Maps browser plugin Good Things will appear as an extra tab alongside “find places”, “favourites” and “routing”.

It’s made up of three key elements. The first is the ability to spot Good Things on the map, where you can click on each one to find out more information, add it to a route or to your favourites. There’s also a live Good Things feed which shows the latest good things, as they’re added. And of course the key part is the ability for you to add your own Good Things. Once you’ve found where on the map you’d like to add, you just drag a Good Things pin onto the map to add it. Fill in a couple of details, walk through the security check and you’re good to go. You’ve made the mapped world a better place.

Of course, the more people do this, the better it gets. And, given that the service has only just started, I’m pretty sure that like everything else that happens in Ovi it’ll rapidly evolve and improve.

Later this month a new campaign will kick off in London, with tower cranes playing host to giant signposts. The idea being (it seems) that the signposts will show off the latest Good Things being added by users. This should help spur people into action and help us all get more from Ovi Maps.

You can check out Good Things on the Ovi Maps site and see more about the campaign on