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October 5, 2009

Nokia and Adobe ignite innovation and mobile Flash app avalanche

MyFestival-guide-appGLOBAL – Since February Nokia has been closely collaborating with Adobe on a smart initiative dubbed the Open Screen Project, designed to help developers create innovative Flash-based apps with a view to getting their creations out to more people. Back in April we highlighting the first handful of these from news that surfaced at the Nokia Developer Summit, and more recently we touched on the CNN app and highlighted Twittle, both born as a result of this $10million joint development. Today sees over 35 new winning apps officially roll down from the mountain of developers involved in the project, and into our eager hands. Read on to find out more about these exciting new apps (many headed to the Ovi Store), and to see some of the highlight apps in action in our videos inside.

Twittle is one of the showcase apps. Here’s a short video tour of the tweet-savvy app in the flesh.

Another of the smart apps to emerge from the Open Screen Project is a bite-size sliver of mobile software called MyFestival Guide. It’s an interactive map, guide and social networking tool for one of the biggest festivals in Europe, the Roskilde Festival. The eight-day event sees over 175 bands play covering 7 stages, at which over 100,000 people attend. There’s a neat friend-tracker feature to ensure you can easily find your pals, along with heaps of other handy talents. Watch the video below to see the MyFestival Guide app running.

What do you reckon? If you want to read more about these and the other apps visit, and as always please scribble your comments below.