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GLOBAL – As the launch of the Nokia N900 draws closer, and appetites grow heartier, we’ve managed to track down a brand-new video that goes in-depth on the N900 web browser and highlights a few neat tricks.

Broken into two easy-to-swallow chunks, the first half of the video sees Mikko Korpelainen, a Senior Product Manager at Nokia, give you a rigorous close-up look at the core features that make the N900 the best pocket device for browsing the web. The second act sees Martin Shüle, Principle Designer in the User Interface design team, show you some smart tricks and gesture touch controls that help make exploring the web even easier on N900.

Click through to watch the full six-minute in-depth video of the Nokia N900 in action, and to share your comments.

Mikko Korpelainen takes us through the five things you need to bring the full internet into your pocket. He highlights the latest web technologies as being the first thing you need – in this case Mozilla technologies and open source approach (the N900’s browser is based on the engine that powers Firefox and Fennec). Second up, is full flash support – the N900 comes toting Flash 9.4. This is closely followed by performance – as Mikko demonstrates in the video, pages have got to load fast, be responsive and have good frame rates when showing video. Screen real estate is fourth on his list (and more specifically pixel-count), with the N900 host to a large touchscreen with an 800 x 480 resolution. Last on the checklist is being able to interact in a more advanced way with the content on-screen, as illustrated when Mikko presses on a part of the screen to bring up a contextual menu, in what he calls a “hover and manipulation mode”. What do you think about what Mikko has highlighted in this video? Are these the core components required for a great web browsing experience (in a pocketable size)?

Martin Shüle steps in front of the lens for the second half of the video to showcase some smart tips and tricks for web browsing on the Nokia N900. You might already know that there’s kinetic scrolling, and that when you double-tap the screen it zooms into that particular section you’re interested in. But did you know that if you swirl your finger in a clockwise gesture on the touchscreen it gradually zooms in on the web page, with an anti-clockwise motion zooming out? Also, you can share info from a web page by bringing up a cursor, and then simply dragging your finger across the text you’re interested in sharing, such as an address or telephone number – you can copy and paste text into an email or any breed of message. If you want to find out more about this stuff you can visit

Watch the video above to see all this in action, and as ever please share your thoughts in the comments section below.