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October 7, 2009

Conversations reader survey – only two days left to tell us what you think

Conversations-reader-surveyGLOBAL – That’s right folks, this Friday we’ll be pulling down the reader survey, tucking our statistical napkins into our shirts and digesting all the data. We don’t know yet, but there might well be wine involved as well. Finding out what you think of this site is the best and fastest way for us to give you more of what you want. Be honest, be concise, or in depth, but most of all tell us what you think.

We’ve had some fantastic responses so far – thank you to all those (the hundreds!) that have already taken part. The information you’ve given us is humbling and hugely informative.

Next week the Conversations team will be locking themselves into a room for two days to wade through the results and use them to actively shape the future of this site. That’s right folks, we won’t be filing this survey in the cabinet marked bin, we’ll be ripping it apart and using it to formulate our plans for the coming months.

So, if you haven’t done so already, let us know what you think by clicking the link below. Thank you and good night.