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GLOBAL – Yesterday we posted a story calling for your suggestions on what we should do with the N900 when we finally get hold of ours. The response has been overwhelming – in less than 24 hours over 80 of you have shared your ideas, leaving heaps of smart suggestions (read them all here), and they’re still flooding in. Thank you, it’s an awesome response, and please keep those ideas coming. Alongside many great suggestions of what you’d like us to do with the Nokia N900, a bunch of you offered up some pre-launch feedback on functionality that you’d like to see in the N900. We thought this would make for a great reader poll, particularly as the N900 is built on the open source Linux-based Maemo platform, meaning that the development community is often eager to latch onto the best suggestions in order to bring them to life quickly, and into our open palms.

So, here’s a list of extra functionality that a number of you have said you would like to see for the Nokia N900, but which is the most important? Leave your vote, or if you have a suggestion that isn’t listed, select ‘other’ option and scribble down your what you’d like to see. And as always please share your comments below.